Espoo International orienteering school – BEGINNERS COURSE (Autumn 2023)

Orienteering course that is taught English. In this course we will teach basic orienteering skills needed to start your individual orienteering training. After this course you have skills needed to participate weekly motion orienteering or simply go into woods doing orienteering for yourself.

This course is opportunity to get your very first start on orienteering or freshen up your old skills. Besides learning basic orienteering skills you get opportunity to ask and hear about possibilities to practice sport further


The beginners course consist of one theory lecture and four different quided orienteering trainings as follows:

MONDAY 4.9.2023 (Remotely) 20.00-21.00

Learning theory in remote lecture (1h): 

  • Basic theory of orienteering. Learning more about map, its colors and different features.

THURSDAY 7.9.2023 Espoon Keskuspuisto, Puolarmaari

Fist orinteering – Theory into action in small group

  • Map walk: We will learn more about how to read map and how different objects are depicted on a map.

THURSDAY 14.9.2023 Oittaa

Orienteering in a small group

  • How to use compass? How to line your map according the compass?

THURSDAY 21.9.2023 Espoon Keskuspuisto, Puolarmaari

Orienteering by self or wih a pair

  • Theme: Route choices and orienteering thinking (plan & action).

THURSDAY 28.9.2023 Karhusuo (17.30-19.00)

Orienteering in small group


After orienteering practices we will give you further instructions how you can continue the hobby on your own.

The price for course is 110€. You can buy course also with only theory lecture and then its 20€. Registration is possible to be paid with exercise benefits.


Trainings: on Thursdays 7.9, 14.9, 21.9 ja 28.9. 18.00-19.30 o’clock (+ theory lecture)

Price of the course 110 EUR. It is also possible to pay with exercise benefits.

Registration: HERE Registration will close on the 1st of September.

Cancellation terms: If, due to illness or injury, you are unable to attend any event, we will refund the participation fee. Otherwise, the participation fee will not be refunded.

Contact person: Anna Kotkajuuri ( & Anu Saarinen

Organizer: Espoon Suunta