Competition instructions

  1. national eGames 29th to 30th of August 2015 at Kopparnäs in Inkoo


Final competition rules are to be seen on competition center’s result board during competition days. Rules have been updated on 26st of August 2015.


Guidance to starts Start # 1 – (adults) white marking – 1,8 km on Saturday and 0,4 km on Sunday 2 – (children – classes under 14y.) yellow marking – 0,4 km on Saturday and 0,2 km on Sunday There is no toilets at starts

Competition number bibs at competition center.

Control descriptions separate control descriptions only, on classes H/D10-14 also printed on map.

Washing at nearby competition center


Rules and directions

The latest rules of SSL (Finnish Orienteering Federation) as well as organizers directions apply at eGames.

Competition’s persons-in-charge

Chief of competition      Harri Jakobsson, tel.+358 50 452 4846

Course setters:                 Chief of course setters: Tommi Tervakangas

Adult courses:        Juha Rauhala, Aleksi Sorsa, Ilkka Niemi

Children’s courses:               Marja-Liisa Autti


Supervisor:                         Johan Uusimäki, OK77, tel.+358 50 345 7767

Result service:                   Akseli Galkin EsSu tel. +358 400 726 320

Media:                  Jouko Jylhä tel +358 40 836 6145

Competition jury:            Chairman: Jouni Pyykkönen EsAk

Members: TBA



Map and control descriptions

Map is offset printed (Grano), updated by Matti Toivonen August/2015, scale:

On Saturday

1:7500 H/D45 –

1:10000 – H/D40

Mapsize A4 contour interval 5 m.

Classes H/D10RR, H/D10, H/D12TR and H/D12 map size is A5.
On Sunday

1:10000 H/D10 – H/D14, H/D35 –

1:15000 H/D16 – H/D21

Classes H/D14 – H/D21 map size is A4, classes H/D35 – H/D85 map size is A3 and classes H/D10RR-, H/D10- H/D12TR and H/D12 map size is A5.

Maps are enclosed in plastic cover. Model maps are available at starts.

Control descriptions are printed on competition map on classes H/D10-H/D14. Separate control descriptions are available for all classes except RR-classes . Organizer do not supply any fixing accessories.


There is plenty of bare rock. Flourishing undergrowth, grass and fellings are rare on the terrain. Some areas have boulder fields. Edges of rock areas are partially flat and partially very small fingerprinted .

Classes, course lengths, number of controls and start points

First starts on Saturday are at 1 PM and on Sunday 11 AM.

On Saturday the race is middle distance. On Sunday all classes have long distance race according to time guidelines lined out in orienteering discipline rules

  Saturday 29.8.2015 Sunday 30.8.2015
Start Course length Controls Start Course length Controls
H21A L1 5,2 17 L1 10,8 20
H21AL L1 3,6 16 L1 7,1 13
H35 L1 4,9 17 L1 9,5 19
H40 L1 4,6 19 L1 9,1 17
H45 L1 4,1 13 L1 7,9 15
H50 L1 3,8 16 L1 7,4 12
H55 L1 3,0 13 L1 6,9 12
H60 L1 2,8 10 L1 5,8 11
H65 L1 2,6 11 L1 5,1 13
H70 L1 2,6 10 L1 4,0 9
H75 L1 2,4 10 L1 3,0 9
H80 L1 2,4 9 L1 2,8 7
H85 L1 2,2 9 L1 2,2 7
H90 L1 2,2 9 L1 2,2 7
H20 L1 4,6 16 L1 9,8 19
H18 L1 3,7 13 L1 7,4 15
H16 L1 3,0 13 L1 5,3 15
H14 L2 2,7 8 L2 3,0 9
H13 L2 2,4 8 L2 2,2 7
H12 L2 1,7 5 L2 1,9 7
H12TR L2 1,6 6 L2 1,9 7
H10 L2 1,4 5 L2 1,3 6
H10RR L2 1,5/2,4 5 L2 1,6/2,4 6
D21A L1 4,1 16 L1 8,2 18
D21AL L1 3,4 13 L1 5,4 14
D35 L1 3,7 13 L1 5,8 14
D40 L1 3,5 12 L1 4,8 14
D45 L1 3,0 12 L1 4,3 11
D50 L1 2,9 12 L1 3,9 10
D55 L1 2,8 12 L1 3,6 7
D60 L1 2,6 11 L1 3,1 8
D65 L1 2,2 9 L1 2,9 6
D70 L1 2,1 8 L1 2,3 7
D75 L1 2,0 7 L1 2,2 8
D80 L1 2,0 6 L1 2,1 7
D85 L1 2,0 6 L1 2,1 7
D20 L1 3,2 12 L1 4,9 14
D18 L1 3,0 12 L1 3,9 9
D16 L1 2,5 10 L1 3,6 9
D14 L2 2,7 9 L2 3,0 9
D13 L2 2,1 7 L2 2,0 8
D12 L2 1,7 5 L2 1,9 7
D12TR L2 1,6 6 L2 1,9 7
D10 L2 1,4 5 L2 1,3 6
D10RR L2 1,5/2,4 5 L2 1,6/2,4 6



Distance to starts

On Saturday

L1 – by road and path 1,8 km. White markings

L2 – by field 0,4 km. Yellow markings. L1 and L2 are on different directions.

On Sunday

L1 – by path 0,4 km. White markings

L2 – by path 0,2 km. Yellow markings. L1 and L2 are on same direction.

Start lists

Start list including individual start times is available latest on Thursday 27th of August at

Competition number bibs

All competitors wear competition number bibs. Bibs are at the competition center. No fixing accessories, please take own safety pins (3 ea) with you. Bibs are collected back on Sunday at the finish and for those competing only on Saturday the bibs are collected on Saturday.

Emit-punching and -cards

Competitor is responsible of using the same Emit-card which was informed during the competition entry and that the card is functioning. Cards functioning canbe checked on the model control at competition center. If the model control’s reset unit light blinks, card is working normally. Changing of the Emit –cards number is done at info-desk with a cost of 2 € . There is also functioning cards available for rent at the info-desk, price is 5€/day. non-returned rent-card will be charged at 80 € / Emit-card.

Control trestles

As customary in eGames the control trestles are so-called eco-trestles. This means that typically the control point is chosen so that it has readily some kind of punching platform or alternatively some kind of log has been carried besides the control to function as punching platform.

Forbidden areas

The terrain has areas of high nature protection values; these are marked on the maps as forbidden areas and partially also marked on the terrain.

Drinking points

Sundays longest courses have a drinking point.

First aid

First aid point is in the competition center. There is no first aid at the terrain, but there is a mobile connection from drinking points and starts to first aid.

Quitted orienteers

Quitted orienteers come normally to finish. If this is not possible due to injury or other similar reason, the information about quitting must be given to finish as soon as possible.

Model control

Model control is situated near the guidance pole at competition center. RR-model control is situated also near the guidance pole at competition center.



Running shoes with spikes are prohibited. Running shoes with studs are allowed.

Starts 1 and 2

Marked routes begin from guidance pole. White markings guide to start 1 and yellow marking guid to start 2.

First starts are at 1 PM on Saturday and 11 AM on Sunday. Control descriptions and Emit back up slips are available at start. Organizer has not arranged any fixing accesories . There is no toilets at starts.

Starts will be closed 15 minutes after the last start.

Operations at start stalls per schedule

Three minutes before start his/her start time competitor is called to start stall, where his/her competition number is checked.

Two minutes before start emit-card is reset and model map is visible.

One minute before start competitor moves alongside his/her classes map bucket – do not touch the map.

At start minute competitor takes the map. competitor is responsible for taking the correct map!. There is marking from start to K-point (actual starting point), which is marked with control flag.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR CHILDREN’S CLASSES On Saturday the distance (from guidance pole) to start 2 is 400 m along yellow markings. Markings guide thoruhg a field. Start is in different direction than adults start.

On Sunday the distance to start 200 m along yellow marking. The way to start is along a path . Start is in the same direction as adults start.

Model control and marking color RR-model control as well as model control for other classes is located nearby guidance pole in competition center. RR- and TR-courses are marked on the terrain with continous white plastic ribbon.

Operations at start 2

Five (5) minutes before his/her start time competitor is called to instruction station, where he/she can familiarize with the competition map. The maps are placed horizontally and oriented correctly. RR-, TR- and 10-classes the course is marked on the maps. Other classes have a map in which K-point is marked.

Four (4) before start time competitor goes to start stall, where competition number and number of Emit-card are checked.

Three (3) before start time Emit-card is reset.

Two (2) before start time RR- 10-classes get their maps and receive guidance.

This is a preparation minute for other classes. TR-class competitors have a possibility to view their competition map and competitors for direct courses have a map available, in which the K-point is marked.

One (1) minute before start time RR- and 10-classes move to start line and they can familiarize with their map in peace. Orienteers on the other classes receive their maps and can familiarize with it.

Start is announced by beep of the start clock . K-point is at start line.

Punching at controls Controls are punched in numbered order. RR-courses controls have RR-signs both on reader and control flag (f.i. RR1, RR2 etc.)

Control descriptions Separate control descriptions are available on all other classes except RR-classes at pre-stat before instruction station. Descriptions are also printed on competition maps.

Last control and finish There is a marking from last control to finish – this marking must be followed. All classes have a common last control, which RR- and numbered control codes (100/200). Competitor can punch whichever control he/she wishes. Remember t punch also on finish. After finish line competitor moves to punchcontrol along markings. Competition maps are not collected at finish. Competitor preparing for competition is not allowed to gather information about the terrain or courses from a competitor who has already finished his/her competition.

Missing or wrong punching (RR-classes) On RR-classes competitor receives a 10 minute add-on for each missing or wrong control punch. Competitor is not disqualified.


Finish closes on Saturday at 6 PM and Sunday at 5 PM.



Parking is arranged as field parking close to competition center.

Club tents

Club tents can be erected at competition center.

Washing ja toilet

Toilets are available at competition center. Washing can be done at competition center (separated area), using detergent, shampoo and soap is prohibited.

Open courses

Open courses are available on Saturday. Courses are 3 and 5 km. Payment of € 10, only by cash, to be done to info-desk, from where orienteer receives the map. Emit punching, no official results. Red markings to start.

Child care

Child care is located at competition center and it is open on Saturday 28th of Aug from 12 AM and on Sunday 30th of Augfrom 10 AM onwards. Child care is only for children above 1 years of age. Pre-booking to child care by Wednesday 27th of Aug at 9 PM by e-mail to muksula(at) Non-pre-booked children are allowed to child care only if there is enough caretakers for additional children.

Children are logged both upon arrival and leaving. Child care is reserved only for children bought to care.

Family courses, on Sunday

There is a possibility to run family courses on children’s competition courses on Sunday as follows:

– Start to terrain 15-30 minutes after the last competitor (exact time will be updated after starting times have been announced)

– Start from L2 (children’s start)

– The child must have his/her own escort

– Map 5 € is paid to infodesk. Maps are on the start.

Competition cafe

Cafeproducts and grilled sausages are available at competition cafe. Assortment and prices can be seen at competition web-pages


Prizes are dealt in eGames based on over-all result for both days on Sunday, in each class three best receive a price. As prizes Lumene – personal care products and H/D21A –class winners 100€ moneyprize. In H/D10 and H/D10RR –classes all participants receive a prize. Main classes H/D21A and children/youth classes H/D10RR-14 have a prize ceremony. For other classes the prizes can be collected from infodesk after results are ready.


Organizers have received refuse bags and bins for garbage. Every person takes of his/her carbage to taken to nearest refuse location. Carbage used in competition (incl. gel pouches) must be left at start, drinking point or finish. Please do not throw any carbage into nature.

Fire safety

It is strictly prohibited to make open fire at competition area. In case of fire fire fighting equipment are available from competition cafe and parking area. Camping at competition center and parking area is prohibited.

Results, intermediate times, route cadget

Results are available at result board in competition center and as online-service on competitions web-page. After the competition also intermediate times and route gadget are to be found at


You are more than welcome to give feedback to organizers representatives or by e-mail kilpailut(at)

Welcome to eGames !

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