The first competition of Top League and eSprint on 20.4.2013 in Kivenlahti, Espoo

The national sprint competition in foot orienteering, eSprint, and the first competition of Top league (WOC and NORT selection, WRE/sprint distance) is organized in April in a diverse city terrain in the city of Espoo, located in southern Finland.

Classes: Top league: M21E and W21E, eSprint: M/W21A, M/W35-85, M/W20, M/W18, M/W16, M/W14 and M/W12.

Starting fees: M/W21E 36€, M/W20-85 16 € ja M/W12-18 10 €.

Registration: Final day of registration is Sunday 14.4. at 12.00 PM through IRMA registration software. Registration to the competition is not possible after the final day of registration.

Distances: Winning time in the both of the Top League classes is 12 minutes. In other classes the winning times are according to the sprint distance regulations.

Top League, specific regulations: WOC and NORT selection competitions and WRE/sprint distance. The limit of participants for the class M21E is at maximum 50 competitors and for W21E, 40 competitors. More detailed instructions for the selection can be found from the web page of The Finnish Orienteering Federation. Inquiries for the more detailed information of the selection can be asked from If a competitor is not selected to the Top League class he/she will be registered in the M/W21A class by competition organizer. The excessive payment amount will not be returned.

According to the orienteering regulations the organizer can determine tracking equipment to be worn during the competition for some or for all competitors in elite classes. Emit will be used for recording and timing. The usage of V3 with screen is forbidden.

Mark routes: The route to competition center is marked from the intesection of the routes Kauklahdenväylä and Tillinmäentie. Distance from parking to the competition center is up to 1,5 km.

Competition center: Cafeteria and toilets are found in the competition center. Clothe change is done in terrain. No washing possibility in the competition center.

First start: Top League at 11.00 AM, eSprint at 10.30 AM. Distance from the competition center to the start is less than 1 km.

Map: Maps are made in April 2013. Map topscale is 1:4000 with contour interval 2,5 m. Maps are laser printed.

Open course: Starting from 10.30 AM.

Organization: Event Directors: Harri Jakobsson / Top League, Marco Halén / eSprint. Main course planner: Jouko Jylhä. Course planners: Henrik Palmén / Top League, Leo Pyymäki / eSprint. Course supervisors: Kimmo Liljeström / Top League and eSprint, Unto Kanerva / WRE.

Press officer: Tarja Vesanto, 050 410 4818,

More detailed information: The complete invitation to the competition, start times, competition instructions and other information can be found on the website of Espoon Suunta

Welcome to the electric athmosphere of eSprint and Top League!

Espoon Suunta